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Welcome to BeAwareDammit.   Your resource for a better understanding of how good a B.A.D. life can be.  As we became aware of the lack of collective information regarding the benefits of alternative and natural treatments available for persons suffering for cancer, diabetes, etc., we recognized the need to fill the void.  We have also recognized the link between getting and/or staying healthy and the plight of the humble honey bee.  Throughout this website, we have provided information, links, products, and more, to assist and guide you on your way to becoming aware of what is available that you otherwise may not find.  We have also included information to raise awareness about some of the standard practices in use today, and supported by the very agencies created to protect us, that are actually making us sick.  More information has been added to the website concerning the global reduction of the honey bee population know as Colony Collapse Disorder.  After buzzing through the website, we hope that you will be more aware of the issues we must face if we want to sustain a healthy lifestyle.  You will see a Help Wanted sign inside.  Please Bee a help to save the Queen.  We also hope that you find this resource helpful on your journey to BeAwareDammit.
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