About B.A.D.

The Purpose:
An organization that will raise funds for various foundations in support to the fight for better health and teaching, or research of alternative medicines. At this time, we are partners with the following foundation: Cancer Research foundation. Please note, B.A.D. reserves the right to add or change it's affiliations to focus initiatives on that which will result in better health and fitness education throughout the community.

The Business:
To educate, raise funds, support and assist in generating events for advocacy programs and research. Demonstration projects and other on-hand techniques will be conducted and maintained within the scope of our abilities, rendered by the acquired specialties certified/licensed to our volunteers.

The Values:
Understanding the ability of the human body to heal through powerful antioxidants and safe cleansing.

Contact Us

Please contact us by sending an email to:

with any questions or comments that you may have.