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Born in Naples, Italy in 1978 and moving to the United States by the age of one, Shayne has always excelled in physical activities such as baseball, football, and basketball.  By the age of 10 he acknowledged his love for the unity and competition found in sports, adding the required balance and style found in skateboarding to his many interests and skill set.  One can say that Shayne has grown into an adrenalin junky, seeking thrills and challenges in everyday life. 

In 2004 Shayne found a new focus for his physical drive, as he began his exploration into the world of fitness.  By 2006 Shayne decided to take his passion for fitness to a professional level and became a personal trainer for one of the most well respected gyms in Tampa, Florida.  His journey into fitness quickly led him to CrossFit, where at the core one can find both challenges and even a little healthy competition.  By 2007 his coaching style and expertise was directed to perfecting CrossFit, submerging himself into the importance of practice and form.  His knowledge and dedication to CrossFit led to Shayne working with a wide-range of clientele; from athletes to women training through their pregnancy.  Later Shayne received an invitation to judge the 2009 and 2010 CrossFit Games, with an invitation to return to judge again in 2011.  In 2010 however, Shayne had a health scare, as his blood-work showed a low platelet count and Physicians were trying to rule out leukemia; he was unable to judge the 2011 CrossFit Games and instead redirected some of his home-bound energy into nutrition while he continued to practice and train others in the CrossFit workout style. 

Throughout his professional career Shayne has studied multiple facets of nutrition, expanding his expertise by not only training clients but also developing meal plans, and when required, preparing the meals for selected clients who could not set aside the time to properly shop and prepare nutritional meals for their bodies’ optimal performance.  When health issues arose he delved deeper into the world of food and how one’s body processes the intake of nourishment.  Amazed at his findings, today Shayne is devoting more time to the cause of overall health; participating in many activities and even developing his own non-profit organization, B.A.D. (Be Aware Dammit).  

B.A.D. will provide one with a blend of fitness and nutritional education, highlighting both the physical and mental advantages if such awareness is taken seriously and put into practice.  Due to Shayne’s professional knowledge of fitness and nutrition, as well as his own personal experience with health issues and adhering to Physician requirements, Shayne developed into one of the most well-rounded personal trainers in the Bay area; acknowledging that everyone is different and may need to follow different paths to obtain their own optimal success and well-being.  If looking for a trainer that will not only motivate, but also educate and consult based on personal needs, even if those needs are health related…Shayne has your back!