Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. [ ] was founded by an amazing team of Doctors that have put together an information based website for people who have been diagnosed with cancer.  Visitors to this website can learn about alternative treatments that can play a major role in their fight against cancer.

Our commitment to promoting awareness of alternative treatments for cancer and other serious illnesses doesn't stop with spreading knowledge.  We are supporting the Independant Cancer Research Foundation financially as well.  We urge you as well to make a donation to the Foundation by clicking this link:

Why, you ask?  I think the Foundation says it best.  The following are excerpts directly from their website: 

If you are new to this website you are probably looking for "new cancer treatments" which are currently being developed. You have come to the right place!!

The "Independent" Cancer Research Foundation is just that - independent.  Because we are independent, what we say is not controlled by the pharmaceutical industry or medical cartel. 

Collectively, the five members of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF) Board of Directors have more than 45 years of cancer research experience which includes working directly with many thousands of cancer patients!! This organization is not led by businessmen, it is led by cancer researchers!!

There are many things on this web page which will completely contradict what you have been told about cancer and cancer treatments!! In fact, if you read the key articles on this website, you will learn things about cancer you would not learn if you read every oncology book on this planet and watched every television show on this planet and visited every government website...

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit cancer research organization of natural cancer treatments, also known as alternative cancer treatments.

All members of the Board of Directors have many years of cancer research experience. The ICRF has no paid employees, nor are the members of the Board of Directors compensated!!The ICRF is a 100% volunteer organization...

Please take a few minutes and visit the Foundation's website.  The information is empowering, and your help could mean so much in the eradication of this terrible disease.