Save the Bees!
Did you know that honey bees are responsible for the successful growth of the majority of the worlds plants?  From flowers and crops to anything that blooms.

But something is killing the bees in alarming numbers. Commercial pesticides have been identified as a contributing factor in the global Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). So much so that countries all over the world are taking immediate action to ban certain pesticides.

However, the US EPA estimates it will be 5 years before they will make a decision on how to respond.

Please read the information on the Save The Bees website and add your name to the petition. The Bees don't have 5 years to wait...and neither do we.

Sign the Petition Here.
Just a few ideas on how to help out, but there are many ways.
  • Plant forage plants (flowering plants)
  • Provide a water source
  • Research bee safe pesticides
  • Volunteer with a local bee keeper
  • Spread the word
Get involved and Save the Bees!